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Watermark Water Sensors

The student selected for the NSD internship has been attending MCC since 2018. His project is installation of the orchard Watermark Water Sensors.

MCC has chosen to place 8 sensors in their orchard and the intern had some learning curves to get through but finding a YouTube video helped with getting the sensor wires through the PVC pipes and drip lines to go out to the orchard. A lesson learned was to use the largest PVC and drip line possible, as it makes the wire installation easier. They use a Data Box which is an extra unit but find its use valuable. Data can be collected straight from each sensor but it is more time consuming. The Data Box can connect to a laptop and a Watermark app making reading and storing the data easier and valuable. Note: readings go from 0 which is fully saturated soil, up to 254, which would be totally dry. Since this project was just completed, data is just now being collected and analyzed so they do not have the information yet to make any changes or draw conclusions.