Join a Committee!

Want to make a difference? Feel like you've got ideas and want to see them become a reality? Wishing you could influence this chapter and share your brilliance without it taking a ton of your time? A committee might be the answer! Have a look at the things we do, and brainstorm how you could contribute. Then reach out, at a meeting or through a contact link, and we'll get you in touch with the right people. Thank you for adding your brilliance to this group!

Awards Committee (2-3 people)
If you like to spend other people's money to do good in the world, this is the committee for you. The Awards Committee has chapter funds set aside to contribute scholarships to educational aspirations in the area of agriculture. See our Projects page for examples of where the contributions go.

  • Publicize the program using agriculture teacher contacts in the local area for the chapter

  • Attract qualified candidates for awards

  • Find creative ways to contribute non-monetary awards if possible

  • Work with our parent organization, California Rare Fruit Growers Inc., to obtain matching funds

  • Promote fruit growing interest and education

Nominating Committee (3-4 people)
The way we get such great board members is no accident -- there's a committee just for identifying and vetting candidates! This committee is only active about four months out of the year. The lead is selected by the Co-Vice Chair. See the rules and regulations for details.

  • Responsible for organizing annual elections of the board of directors

  • January/February – select committee members (that's where the 3-4 people come in) and gather information regarding intent of sitting board members to remain or exit

  • March – solicit membership for those interested in participation on the board of directors whether or not the sitting board member desires to remain

  • April – provide slate of candidates at the chapter meeting, and lead the voting process

Orchard Tours Committee (2 people)
Want to do some community and educational outreach? Our members and other local growers have beautiful gardens and orchards, and this is our chance to take a peek at what they've achieved! The orchard tours committee sets up the tours and reports back on what we learned.

  • Identify private orchards, public/private nurseries, farms, and gardens to tour

  • Schedule tours with day/time in conjunction with direction from the present board of directors

  • Provide written description of event, instructions for registration in advance of the tour, and additional written description/photos after the event for timely posting on the website and newsletter

Plant Sales Committee (2-3 people)
Show us the money! Sales of edible plants grown by our members are a huge boost to our bottom line, making it easier to award more funds and do more fun things as a chapter.

  • Plan, organize, and manage events where plant sales are occurring (typically twice annually)

  • Work with the Board of Directors to announce plant sales at least two months in advance of agreed-upon sale date

  • Collect plant sale revenue (with Treasurer assistance)

  • Arrange for the accessories needed for plant sales (tables, signage, banner, pop-up canopy, etc.)

Membership and Registration Committee (2 people)
Keeping track of all our wonderful members is a rewarding job. Help be a part of it and be that person who knows who everyone is.

Publicity Committee (2 people)
Whether you're an influencer or just someone with an interest in keeping people in touch, the publicity committee may be for you. Manage our social media presence!

  • Manage the chapter accounts on Facebook and MeetUp

  • Respond to any communications via these sites

  • Review site activity and monitor posted communication daily

  • Accept membership applications and annual dues and acknowledge receipt

  • Provide dues payments to Treasurer

  • Record member names, contact information, and dues status

  • Track attendance of members and guests at all meetings and events, and report activity to the board

  • Plan, organize and manage social events, including summer picnic/potluck and holiday party/potluck

  • Arrange for accessories needed, e.g. tables/chairs, decorations, eating utensils (reimbursement provided for items approved in advance by the board)

  • Make a greeting announcement, guide the event through stages, and make closing announcements to attendees

Social Committee (3-4 people)
Calling all social butterflies! Do you know how to throw a great shindig? This is your committee!

Tasting Table Committee (2 people)
Yes, you can taste the fruit, but the main job is to help our members taste the fruit too at our monthly chapter meetings.

  • Accept donated and prepped fruit at Chapter meetings

  • Label and display fruit in safe-for-consumption environment

  • Return tasting table(s) to the original form following the meeting

  • Accept citrus (fruit only) in accordance with quarantines related to the HLB issues in San Diego county

Website Committee (3-4 people)
You could have made this page look SO much better. That's cool -- that's why we need you! Join the committee and have a say in what we publish and how to make it look awesome.

  • Ensure up-to-date maintenance of the web site

  • Recruits additional committee members based on present website needs

  • Manages website communications the goals of attracting new members, providing existing members with pertinent information, and overall aesthetic appeal of the site

Raffle Committee (2 people)
If you can get your "holler" on, this is an easy job! The primary role is to shout out the winning ticket numbers at our monthly meetings!