Whether in doubt or just curious about anything rare-fruit-related, it's always a good idea to consult with the experts. Here are a few resources our Chapter members have found useful. Note: only a couple of features of each site are listed. There is much more to be found! Go exploring!


Calif Department of Food and Agriculture: A California-wide government resource for announcements regarding pests, as well as opportunities for more obscure things, like ordering an Agriculture license plate for your car!

University of California Davis Fruit and Nut Information Center: A wealth of information specifically on the topic of growing fruits and nuts within California. Includes chill calculators and weather models so you can predict when to harvest and what will grow best in your area.

University of California Riverside Citrus Clonal Protection Program (CCPP): This UC Riverside site is focused specifically on citrus, and you learn there about all sorts of citrus and even order budwood from them online. CCPP Login page link is here.

Local to San Diego:

Master Gardener of San Diego: Includes downloadable growing guides for vegetables, citrus, tomatoes, avocados, and more. Learn how to care for your garden tools, and find a host of other resources, including how to become a master gardener yourself.

San Diego Agriculture: A county government site. Includes info about beekeeping as well as finding local farmer's markets.

San Diego Farm Bureau: Learn specifically about farming in San Diego County.

Solana Center for Environmental Innovation: Especially for our chapter, this North County location is a great resource for learning about soil, volunteering locally, or even borrowing from their tool lending library! The top image on this page is from the Solana Center.

UC ANR Integrated Pest Management: Learn the latest about pests and how to combat them.

Expert Resources