Orchard Tour - Fallbrook

Saturday, July 27, 2024, 10:00 a.m. to noon


The next Orchard Tour will be on July 27th from 10-12 at the Fallbrook orchard and gardens of our chapter Chair, Marcia Faller.

When Marcia and her husband moved to Fallbrook in 2018, they ended up on a 1.3 acre property with sloping orchard space and about 50 existing fruit trees – probably 15 years old or more. It was a very “sterile” orchard with rows of trees set out in rows equidistant apart.

Marcia took the master composter course at Solana Center just before the Covid “shelter in place” and has been actively composting (bins and bokashi) since that time. They have also undertaken some rainwater management on the property.

The yards around the house were lawn when they moved in. They have been converted to mostly native plants and other drought tolerant plants. Bees and butterflies love it.

Gardening is in raised beds (all over the place), many of which Marcia constructed herself. She does a lot of canning and fermenting of the harvested foods.

Please RSVP to Gwyn at tours@growrarefruit.org . In your RSVP, please provide the name of each person for whom you are responding. Refreshments will be provided. Address and parking details will be provided the day before the tour to those who have RSVP’d.

Also, please e-mail Gwyn if you would be willing to open your orchard or garden for a tour.